You become ill before your trip, a relative has an accident, you are affected by a dismissal for operational reasons! Due to a car breakdown during or shortly before the journey you arrive late? We cannot compensate you for the lost vacation enjoyment, but we can compensate you for possible financial damages! ERGO Travel Insurance, our partner in travel protection, will cover your financial risk of cancellation or delayed arrival for an insured reason for as little as € 6.

Do not forget travel protection - without it can be expensive

Cancellation insurance offers you protection not only in the event of cancellation, but also in the event of an unexpected interruption of the trip. In this case, ERGO travel insurance covers the costs for the unused days of your stay. This means you are optimally covered financially before and during the trip. The CancellationPlus insurance offers even more: In addition to the benefits of the Cancellation insurance, it also includes repatriation with emergency medical assistance (not covered by statutory health insurance), luggage insurance and bicycle protection.