Radfahrer in der Wittenberger Altstadt
©www.elberadweg.de, F. Meyer

Elbe Cycle Route

One of the most beautiful sections of the Elbe Cycle Route runs along the Middle Elbe through Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Not only the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which can be discovered in the shortest distance, have a share in the attractiveness of the section. The unique Elbe landscape in the Central Elbe Biosphere Reserve is also of particular appeal to cyclists. Whether on the left or right side of the Elbe, on this part you will get to know untouched nature and a rich animal world up close. Especially the Elbe beavers, which live in the beaver sanctuary, are welcome companions along the way. Through the initiative Blue Ribbon in Saxony-Anhalt there is also a developed waterway network on the Middle Elbe. This makes crossing the Elbe particularly easy in the region around Wittenberg, for example with the numerous ferries in the region. The route of the long-distance cycle path leads along the Elbe on prepared, largely separate and roadside paths. Good signage makes it easy to follow the path.

The Elbe Cycle Path is also very popular with beginners, recreational cyclists and families, because the low gradients along the banks of the Elbe make the route very easy to ride.

Radfahrer am Bauhaus Dessau
Radfahrer am Bauhaus Dessau ©WelterbeRegion Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg, Uwe Weigel

R1 European Cycle Route

The R1 European Cycle Route takes cyclists right across the European continent. From the French port of Boulogne-sur-Mer, the route covers 3800 kilometers in the direction of Russia and St. Petersburg. It passes through nine countries: From France via Belgium and the Netherlands, the route continues through Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia before arriving in Russia via Estonia.

One of the most beautiful sections of the route takes cyclists from Dessau-Roßlau to Wittenberg. Here you will find more UNESCO World Heritage sites in a small area than anywhere else in Germany. With the Luther sites in Wittenberg, the Bauhaus and the Garden Kingdom in Dessau-Wörlitz, as well as Ferropolis, the city of iron, you can visit witnesses of the older as well as the more recent history of the region. The diverse nature of Wittenberg's surroundings is, of course, an essential part of the bike tour. The stage leads through the middle of the original floodplain landscape of the Elbe and guides you through the biosphere reserve Mittelelbe, through the Dübener Heide or up to the Fläming. 

The route is particularly captivating in that it largely leads through central Germany on separate forest and developed field paths.

Radfahrer am Sieglitzer Berg
©www.elberadweg.de, F. Meyer

Cycle path Berlin-Leipzig

For the most part on special bike paths, hiking trails and low-traffic country roads, cyclists comfortably ride the approximately 250 km long stretch of the Berlin-Leipzig bike trail. On the way from the Brandenburg Gate to Leipzig's main train station, you will pass through unique landscapes in the Dübener Heide and Fläming nature parks, hidden villages and cozy spa towns, as well as culturally interesting cities such as Lutherstadt Wittenberg or Jüterbog. The difficulty of the route is very low, as there is little incline in the region.

Shortly after leaving Berlin, you will be guided along the paths of the Fläming Skate in Luckenwalde. The paradise for skaters in the south of Berlin is not only made for athletes on eight wheels, but also invites cyclists on a tour through the Fläming. In addition to the asphalt skate paths, some of the trails run specifically for cyclists through the unique nature of the region. From the nature park, the tour continues towards Lutherstadt Wittenberg, with its popular cultural highlights. After that, the next nature park with extraordinary flora and fauna beckons along the route. Cycling through the landscape of the Dübener Heide Nature Park, you can get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of nature in every season. Once you have crossed the Dübener Heide, you are already on the last section of the Berlin-Leipzig cycle route. You will pass through the North Saxon mill region and smaller villages until you reach your destination in the city of Leipzig.

Further information material

Ferry service

To cross the Elbe on your bike tour, you can use the ferries in the region, which will take you comfortably from one bank of the Elbe to the other.

Ferry Coswig-Anhalt

Ferry Elster (Elbe)

Ferry Pretzsch

Guided bike tours

Of course, there is also the possibility to participate in guided bike tours in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Have a look at our city tours for active people!