Phoenix Theater World Wittenberg

The association operates the "Großes Haus" (389 seats) of the former Mitteldeutsches Landestheater in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. In addition to plays and musical theater pieces, programs for children and young people, classical concerts as well as dance and puppet theater pieces are performed here.

Phoenix Theaterwelt Wittenberg e.V.
Wichernstraße 11a
06886 Wittenberg

CLACK Theater

An extraordinary evening is guaranteed at the CLACK Theater in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. You will look in vain for classical performances here, but the program offers you a lot of variety and also unusual entertainment. Especially famous are the professional performances on the highest level in the area of travesty. In addition, the repertoire also offers political cabaret, musical revues and magician shows.

CLACK Theater
Markt 1
06886 Wittenberg

Anhaltisches Theater

The Anhaltische Theater in Dessau has one of the largest revolving stages in Germany and its extensive repertoire (drama, musical theater, ballet and puppet theater) attracts visitors from all parts of the country to the region. Above all, the theater's resident orchestra - the Anhalt Philharmonic Orchestra - delights audiences with sophisticated and varied symphony and chamber concerts.

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau
Friedensplatz 1a
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

Theater Youth Club "Chamäleon"

The theater club for children and young people puts plays on stage that serve as a mouthpiece of their time. Many forms of theater are newly interpreted and implemented by the young actors.

Theater Jugendclub Chamäleon e.V.
Sternstraße 14
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Brett’l Keller

A rich program of political cabaret awaits the audience at the Brett'l Keller. Meanwhile, the Brett'l Keller has moved to the cafeteria of the Wittenberg Butterfly Park, where, in addition to cabaret plays, rock'n'roll concerts and romantic nights under palm trees are held in a unique atmosphere.

Brett’l Keller

Im alaris Schmetterlingspark
Rothemarkstr. 131
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

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Tickets for performances at the Phönix Theaterwelt, the Clack Theater and the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau are also available directly from us at the Tourist Information.


The theaters of Lutherstadt Wittenberg are partially barrier-free. Please ask us or the theater itself about possibilities for people with disabilities.