Vacation with kids

Exciting activities & excursions
Luftbild vom Goitzschesee

Swimming & Water Sports

Cooling down on hot days or wellness in winter, in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and the surrounding area you can dive in any season.
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Regional attractions

Destinations for families

The region around Wittenberg has a lot to offer, also for children. Discover the World Heritage Region together with your children and family!
Spielplatz an der Andreasbreite
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Adventurers watch out! The playgrounds in Wittenberg want to be boarded!
Erdmännchen im Wittenberger Tierpark
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Zoos & Animal Parks

Experience the biodiversity of the animal world in the zoos and animal parks of Lutherstadt Wittenberg and the surrounding area.

Child friendly exhibitions & activities

Beautiful vacation for the whole family

Many of Wittenberg's museums and exhibitions are geared toward families and offer exciting opportunities for younger guests as well. In the Melanchthon House, for example, children are given a heavy cast-iron key with which they can open mysterious chests and cabinets. Or visit the Asisi Panorama and search together with your children for Martin Luther, the Cranachs or simply the most beautiful scene from the Middle Ages. By the way, children's eyes get especially big when night falls in the Panorama and the scenery glows in black light. Children can experience an interactive journey through time in the special exhibition in the Augusteum, where they can stamp theses, dress up and trade coins.

In the idyllic nature in the region and on the Elbe you will find great routes for bike tours or canoe trips that promise fun for the whole family. If the kids are more into inline skating or skateboarding, a trip to the Fläming Nature Park is worthwhile. Because here the Fläming Skate stretches with flat routes through nature and offers plenty of space to let off steam.
You will also find adventurous playgrounds in and around Lutherstadt Wittenberg that invite you to romp and play. For little water rats, Wittenberg has a wide range of water sports: in summer, the outdoor pools and lakes attract, in winter, the indoor pools invite you to swim.

Experience Wittenberg as a family

But Lutherstadt itself also has a lot to offer families. A ride on the Wittenberg Old Town Railway is always an adventure for little explorers, and the futurea Science Center encourages participation and amazement. Animal lovers will enjoy the Wittenberg Zoo, the ALARIS Butterfly Park and the NABU Center in the city forest. To bring young guests closer to the city, we also have exciting guided tours for children and teenagers in the program.