Spielplatz an der Andreasbreite
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Adventure playground next to the Luther Garden

The newly created adventure playground right next to the Luther Garden also invites visitors to romp around creatively. Under the theme of "microcosm", numerous large and small pieces of play equipment have been designed here, reminiscent of giant blades of grass. Climbing ropes are stretched between the wooden blades of grass and slides lead down into the sand. Some inhabitants of the playground are oversized spiders and other insects, on which the little visitors can ride. A highlight of the facility is certainly the trampoline, which takes you high into the air. 

Adventure playground next to the Andreasbreite Luther Garden.
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Erlebnisspielplatz NABU-Zentrum

Forest playground at the NABU center

The NABU center "Im Stadtwald" also offers children a place to play. Here the little ones can romp around properly in the middle of nature. The nature playground is surrounded by many trees that promise cool shade in summer. Here, not only the numerous playground equipment invites to visit, but also the NABU center itself. On an adventure trail along the various animal enclosures, the children learn many new things about nature and the inhabitants of the forest. After exploring the foliage tunnel or using the tree telephone for secret messages, it's off to the top via the climbing frames and back down again on the slide. All playgrounds offer equipment for different age groups, so every child is sure to find his or her favorite.

Forest playground NABU
NABU Center "In the City Forest
Reinsdorfer way 46
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Water playground at the animal park

The renovated playgrounds also include the water playground at the animal park. Here, children can cool off and let off steam at the same time in summer. A water pump provides the necessary supply of the wet element, which runs over a water wheel, a water switch and into the mud box. The entire playground is designed as a huge sandbox, so that mud can be puddled to your heart's content. The children can also test their strength on the large climbing frame. After a visit to the Wittenberg Zoo, the water playground is a real must.

Water playground - At the animal park
Pfaffengasse 8
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Multigenerational playground

The city's first multigenerational playground has opened on Willy-Lohmann-Strasse. There is equipment for all ages, including a slide house and tire swing, wobble bridge and balancing course. Special senior sports equipment includes: Arm crank, leg exerciser and bike exerciser.

06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg