Nachgebaute Gute Stube der 1940er
Gute Stube aus den 40er Jahren ©Haus der Alltagsgeschichte

Public areas recreated in detail

Immerse yourself in a bygone era in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, reminisce or marvel at how comfortably your parents or grandparents already lived, how they celebrated and played as children. The exhibition shows everyday family life from the 1920s to the "Wendezeit" in 1990 in faithfully recreated rooms, such as living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Want to travel back in time even more? Then take a look around the recreated places of public life: Visit the dance bar with your partner and shake a leg to what is probably the only surviving homemade disco system. Or take it a bit easier and visit the village pub around the corner. The historic classroom and an originally furnished kindergarten are not only of interest to adults. 

Bringing history to life for children

Let's face it: we can't answer all the questions about everyday life in the 20th century for our children. Especially not if they want to know what you do with a bearded cup or how the ration cards worked in the 40s. For this purpose, the House of Everyday History has an audio guide that was recorded especially for children and gives them an understanding of the living conditions in the various decades. And maybe the grown-ups can also learn something about the everyday life of their parents and grandparents.

Special exhibition consumer goods from the GDR

What counted as consumer goods in the days of the GDR? What did many residents stand in long lines to own? From household items to consumer electronics to photo-optical equipment, you will find in this special exhibition the things for which some even had to pull strings.

Special exhibition "Vintage East - GDR Design

What is typical GDR for us today and has a real vintage factor, was simply standard in the closets of the GDR in the 1950s to 1980s. Discover in this special exhibition clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories from that time, which have become a real cult.

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Opening hours

Wednesday-Sunday & Holidays 11.00-17.00

Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve closed


Adults (incl. audio guide & photo permit) 8,00 € p. P.

Children, pupils, trainees, students, voluntary service, disabled (incl. audio guide & photo permit) 6,00 € p. P.

Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children up to 14 years, incl. audio guide & photo permission) 20,00 €.

Adult groups (from 10 persons, incl. audio guide & photo permission) 6,50 € p. P.

School classes up to 14 years (incl. audio guide & photo permission) 5,00 € per pupil