Culture in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Wittenberg offers many cultural highlights for residents and visitors throughout the year.

In particular, the history of Wittenberg has a great influence on the cultural life of the city. The Reformation, Martin Luther, and his companions play an important role even today. That's why among the most significant sights, Wittenberg and the buildings of the city, have been the stage for the Reformation 500 years ago. These especially include the Luther memorials, in which the time of the Reformation is alive and where you can visit some of the most interesting exhibitions.

But the city is not stuck in the past. The theaters and stages of the Lutheran town lead classical stage plays and modern productions of contemporary variety, which reflects the charm and openness of the city. Also firmly rooted here and now are the attractions of the region around Wittenberg that unite the past in an impressive manner with the present. The annually recurring versatile cultural events are highlights in the cultural calendar of Wittenberg.