The guest card of Lutherstadt Wittenberg brings you numerous benefits and discounts. Free or discounted admission to world-historical buildings, discounts on visits to many restaurants and cafés, and discounts on guided tours of the city are just some of the benefits that await you with the Wittenberg Guest Card.

Benefits of the Guest Card (PDF)

The guest contribution of 2.00 euros per overnight stay is used to maintain tourist facilities such as the Luther House or the Cranach Courts, and also to expand the existing tourist offer with the help of the guest contribution. The guest contribution also benefits tourist events such as Luther's Wedding or the Reformation Festival.


How much is the guest contribution?

The guest contribution is generally assessed according to the duration of the stay in the survey area. For overnight guests, the length of stay is calculated according to the number of overnight stays. The contribution amounts to EUR 2.00 per overnight stay.

Who has to pay the guest contribution?

The guest contribution is charged to all persons from 18 years of age who rent accommodation in the survey area without having a sole or main residence there within the meaning of the Federal Registration Act, and who are offered the opportunity to use the facilities and participate in the events held for the purpose of tourism.

Who is exempt from the guest contribution?
  1. 1Persons who visit a person in the survey area exclusively for family or comparable reasons. 2The visited person must be registered with their main residence in the survey area or stay there to practice their profession. 3The admission to the domestic community must be without remuneration or reimbursement of cost,
  2. Persons staying in the survey area to attend school or training,
  3. Persons who have not yet reached the age of eighteen,
  4. 1Persons who are in the survey area only to exercise their profession. 2Voluntary supervision by youth leader card (Juleica) holders also counts as professional practice.
What is the guest contribution for?

The local tax law of the state of Saxony-Anhalt enables many municipalities to improve the maintenance as well as the development of their tourist facilities by levying a guest contribution. According to the guest contribution statute, the revenue is used for:

  • Partial coverage of the costs for the production, acquisition, improvement, renewal and maintenance of facilities serving tourism, such as the Luther House, the Melanchthon House or the Cranach Courts and
  • the implementation of existing and new event formats such as Luther's Wedding and the Reformation Festival
Where can I pay the guest contribution
What happens if I don't pay the guest contribution?

Anyone who stays overnight in a place subject to the guest contribution and refuses to pay the guest contribution, and is not affected by an exemption, commits an administrative offense and must expect a fine. This is generally higher than the guest contribution and would have to be paid additionally.

Do guest contribution payers receive benefits or exemptions?

Every person liable to pay the guest fee receives the Wittenberg guest card with free benefits and discount offers.

Overview of all benefits (PDF)

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