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Historical parade

On Saturday, the popular historical pageant with Martin Luther, Katharina von Bora and their 2,000 wedding guests begins in the old town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Along for the ride are fanfare trains, numerous music groups, suave Wittenbergers and all sorts of critters like horses, donkeys, geese and goats.

Afterwards, Katharina and Luther feast with friends at the richly decorated wedding table on the market square. Renaissance dances and music, as well as jugglery, also entertain the audience outside the table.

Next dates:

14 - 16 June 2024
13 - 15 June 2025

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Historical children's festival parade

On Sunday, 400 children from clubs, kindergartens and schools of Lutherstadt Wittenberg will start a parade. All the little participants wear berets, capes, doublets or other historical garments. A special eye-catcher: A small Luther couple leads the procession. The little ones are accompanied by the musicians Hans Spielmann and Gespielin and the juggler Rebasius Funkenflug, who not only entertains the little visitors.

The procession starts at the Luther House, leads through Collegienstraße to the market square and past the market stage.

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Historic experience areas in the city center

In the old town you can expect well-traveled merchants and innkeepers with their wares. Children can participate in games for little knights. You can experience the historical camps of lansquenets, peasants, city guards, messenger runners, fanfare processions or sutlers at the original sites of the Reformation: the squares at the city church and the castle church are as much the scene as the courtyard of the time-honored Leucorea University or the Cranach courtyards. Craftsmen show how their wares are made and musicians and jugglers entertain in the courtyards, squares and streets.