Wittenberger Renaissance Music Festival & Festival of the Reformation

Konzert des Wittenberger Renaissance Musikfestivals

The Lutherstadt Wittenberg lures with numerous events around the music and the Renaissance.

The Renaissance Music Festival is one of the annual highlights of Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Since 2006, professors and musicians, excellent concert musicians and instrument makers as well as hundreds of music lovers in Wittenberg have gathered in the week before the Reformation Festival in order to trace a unique treasure of German musical history. No place would be more suitable for this purpose than the birthplace of Protestant church music.

In addition to the comprehensive concert program, a renaissance market gives insights into the life and pleasure world of the Renaissance.

A courtly ball, as in the time of Frederick the Wise with old music, culinary delicacies and historical robes, is the highlight of the Renaissance music festival. We invite you to celebrate, feast and dance in the 16th and 17th century ambience.

Tänzer beim Renaissanceball

Next Renaissance music festival will take place in Octobre 2019: 

25 - 31 October 2019