Attractions within the Wittenberg region

Nearby Wittenberg there are numerous unique cultural destinations. Dessau is only about 35 kilometers away, see for example, the Bauhaus and the Masters' Houses. Dive into the beginnings of modern architecture and experience the Bauhaus main building by Walter Gropius. Between 1926 and 1932, it housed the College of Design, whose aim was to unite the artistic and technical disciplines again. At the same time, the Masters' Houses, in which is called the teachers of the School of Design, where "master" emerged, had their residence. Walk in the footsteps of Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, or Lyonel Feininger. The Bauhaus in Dessau, in Weimar since 1996, are in common with those of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, are open for tours. In the main building you will also find a permanent exhibition, which is supplemented by numerous special exhibitions and events in the other Bauhaus buildings and presents interesting facts about Bauhaus and its artists.

The region around Wittenberg has much more to offer than modern architecture. Experience for example the original places of aircraft pioneer Hugo Junkers. The inventor from Dessau has contributed to the turn of the century 20th century considerably to technological progress and founded several successful companies. In the Museum of Technology “Hugo Junkers” , you can visit some of his inventions in the original state. A most unusual destination is Ferropolis, the City of Steel. The area was originally part of opencast Golpa-Nord, today you will find here a museum and event venue. Several major devices that have been used to reduce the lignite are featured on the site and can not only be looked at from a distance, but ascended directly. The impressive equipment also give always an exceptional backdrop for events, concerts, and festivals.