City tours in Wittenberg

Wittenbergs Henker

Journey to the 16th Century

A guided city tour for kids through Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

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Nächtliche Stadtführung in Wittenberg

"Once upon a time in Wittenberg..." Guided Evening Tour

See and hear what Wittenberg was like in olden times on this tour by torchlight, in company of the historical city...

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In the footsteps of Martin Luther and other famous personalities

Experience the historic city center of Wittenberg with all its famous sights of reformation.

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Have Wittenberg at your table! Two guides in a historical costume will serve legends, old wives tales and gossip about...

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Katharina von Bora, Barbara Cranach und eine Wahrsagerin.

Gossip from the 16th century

It is the year 1535 – step in through the city gate and accompany three women through Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

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Listen to the watchman!

This man had an overview of the town like no other. From his official residence high above the rooftops in the north...

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Christmas Tour

Get a glimpse of German Christmas and discover Wittenberg during the Holiday Season.

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Audio Guide Tour

Plan your city tour of Lutherstadt Wittenberg individually with your Audio Guide.

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