World Exhibition on the Reformation - Gates of Freedom

Luftaufnahme Wittenberger Stadtkirche

At seven locations along the ramparts, the gates of the town of Wittenberg will be metaphorically opened for the World Exhibition on the Reformation.

Seven so-called "Gates of Freedom" will invite visitors from 20.05 to 10.09.2017 to address the subjects of the Church, their faith, and the current situation of the world. Every "gate" will have a particular theme on which there will be information, musical performances, plays, presentations, and discussions. Over the course of 16 weeks, one theme will be dealt with every week. A festival week will get the proceedings underway which will involve the Church Convention roadshow and the German Evangelical Convention in Berlin and Wittenberg.

Students from eight universities will design the space around the gates

The areas around the gates will consist of open areas along the ramparts of Wittenberg on which new constructions will be built on various themes. The organizers advertised an ideas competition in German-speaking universities with courses in architecture, scenography, design, and fine arts, to design the seven spaces around the gates. Eight winners were crowned in July 2015 from 21 entrants. The first prize for the theme of culture went to two universities which will now combine their ideas and share the space.

Further events around the gates

There will be plenty to offer beyond the gates of the World Exhibition on the Reformation: in temporary and historical buildings, on squares, and on the streets all round Wittenberg's Old Town, everywhere there will be events taking place. Churches from around the world, international institutions, organizations, initiatives and many creative artists will be presenting their current perspective on the Reformation in discussions, debates, and panel sessions and in event tents.  Visitors will be encouraged to take an active part in the World Exhibition and there will many offers for them to join in. There will also be encounter areas where they will have the chance to strike up conversations with organizers, exhibitors, and other guests. Everybody is invited to change the world, society, and the Church. The World Exhibition on the Reformation will not just be commemorating the past but also designing the future.