The Path of European Staging-Posts

Blick über die Elbe nach Wittenberg

From November 2016 to May 2017, the Path of European Staging-Posts will cross the entire European continent leading to the central locations of the Reformation.

500 years have passed since Martin Luther became a central figure and Wittenberg the starting point for the Reformation. But many other players in other towns and countries also proclaimed their reforming ideas and paved the way for the event we today call the Reformation. The personalities behind the Reformation and the traces they left behind will be presented in the Path of European Staging-Posts. On the 500th anniversary, the Reformation truck will visit more than 60 staging-posts between November 2016 and May 2017 on its way to Wittenberg where the Path of European Staging-Posts will reach its destination. At every staging-post, there will be numerous events which illustrate the relationship of individual regions to the story of the Reformation.

The history of the Reformation across Europe

18 countries and over 60 towns lie on the Path of European Staging-Posts which will wind its way right across Europe from November 2016 to May 2017. It will link Debrecen in Hungary with Dordrecht in the Netherlands, Ljubljana with Goslar, and hopefully Rome with Wittenberg. 20 State Churches in 13 Federal States will also welcome visitors to Reformation celebrations. A Reformation truck which will make a stop at each staging-post and will accompany the events. For the anniversary of the Reformation, each one of the towns will be the focus of the celebrations for 36 hours. In these 36 hours, regional and ecumenical partners will organize celebrations with speeches and presentations but also with music and traditional shows. The focus will be on staging productions to bring to life the story of the Reformation and its effect on the region. In the process, the early stages of the Reformation are to be commemorated and the relationships of the Churches with each other strengthened, as today's ecumenism is based on the Christian Churches working together.

The Path of European Staging-Posts and other campaigns in the anniversary year of the Reformation

However, the Path of European Staging-Posts is not only to commemorate the past but also to cast the spotlight on the present and future of religions and the Reformation. For it cannot be denied that the Reformation also has a significant effect on the here and now. This glimpse of the future will be ventured primarily at the final staging-post, in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. There you will be able to participate in the Church Convention roadshow and the German Evangelical Convention which will invite everybody to discuss the Reformation, the impact it had at the time, and its effects today, as well as to debate the future of the Church and religion. The Path of European Staging-Posts is also closely linked to the World Exhibition on the Reformation. Every staging-post will give the Reformation truck a memento of the celebrations in the town which will later be presented to visitors to the World Exhibition in Wittenberg.