Special Exhibition, "Luther! 95 People – 95 Treasures"

Luther Figuren von Hörl

The Foundation for Luther Memorials in Saxony-Anhalt is putting on a twin exhibition in the anniversary year of 2017 on Martin Luther and his impact on the world.

From 13 May to 5 November 2017, the life of Martin Luther, the influence he had and the Reformation will be the focus of a twin exhibition in Wittenberg. The Special National Exhibition "Luther! 95 People - 95 Treasures" will be organized by the Foundation for Luther Memorials in Saxony-Anhalt. It will be staged as a double exhibition in the Augusteum and the Luther House. With this collection, the organizers wish to document Luther's place in history and bring alive the events of the Reformation for visitors.

First part of the exhibition: 95 People

In the first part of the twin exhibition, you will experience 500 years of the influence that Martin Luther's life had on the course of history. The effect that Martin Luther had on world history with his reforming ideas will be presented through the stories of various famous people. The focus here will of course extend beyond Luther's own time as we feel his influence right up to the present day. The focus will therefore be on people such as Johann Sebastian Bach, who composed many sacred music as well as on Lucas Cranach the Younger, Luther's contemporary who printed his writings. Martin Luther King who was not only named after the reformer but also adopted many of Luther's convictions in his own faith, will also be featured in the exhibition. These witnesses will illustrate for visitors the influence the reformer exerted across time and continents.

Second part of the exhibition: 95 treasures

The second part of the exhibition in the anniversary of the Reformation will present Luther's tangible legacy to visitors. The exhibits in the "treasure chamber" will all be directly connected with Martin Luther. He either saw the items himself or in some cases even used them. The exhibits are intended to bring the ideas and events of the Reformation to life for visitors. To achieve this, the Foundation for Luther Memorials of Saxony-Anhalt has secured numerous significant loans from Germany and abroad, which will be on view together for the first time in a single exhibition. For example, they include Luther's private Bible from Veste Coburg or archaeological artifacts from his homes. You will also be able to view a little-known portrait by Cranach that shows Luther as Squire Jörg. One very exclusive exhibit which the organizers are particularly pleased about, is on loan from Budapest: Martin Luther's original will.