Wittenberg Sports Days

Show off your sporting side and sign up for the Wittenberg Sports Days in May 2022

The Wittenberg Sports Days are one of the largest sports events in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. The "Kleine Friedensfahrt"; for people with disabilities, the GENERALI-CUP for the professionals, the Everyman race and the accompanying cultural events annually held in May for cycling fans and numerous spectators. This year, the next Wittenberg Sports Days will be held on 7th May 2022. Since 2011, the Wittenberg Night-Run has been organized, along with cycling and cycling tours, where runners will also get their money's worth and go hunting for the hiking cup. The race at night is very popular and will be held again this year.

Foto: David Yu | shutterstock.com

The Wittenberg Sports Days are well-known and well-known far beyond the borders of the Lutherstadt Wittenberg, so more and more internationally active bike pros are registering for the Generali Cup. At the Everybody race, clubs, companies or cycling enthusiasts can try out on tracks of different lengths. On all cycling races of the Wittenberg Sports Days there is a strict helmet requirement!