Wittenberg May Flower Market

Maiblumenfest Marktplatz Wittenberg

At the Wittenberg May flower market the nurseries of the Lutherstadt Wittenberg transform the market square into a colorful flower sea.

At the Wittenberg May flower market in May 2022, you will be exploring the blossoming of Wittenberg's market square. Floristry, bedding, balcony and tub plants, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices spray a bewitching fragrance and stimulate the creativity. Culinary delicacies provide fresh Seydaer asparagus and Sanddorn specialties and Jessener wines. As in every year, there are also new horticultural novelties to see and buy.

Enjoy the flower-shaped area on the market square and get some inspiration from the balcony box competition from eight nurseries. There you can vote for the most beautiful balcony box and win with a little luck a voucher worth € 50.00 that can be redeemed at all participating establishments.