Wittenberg Court Concerts

Cranach-Hof vor Wittenberger Hofkonzert

In summer the Lutherstadt opens is backyards for the Wittenberg court concerts.

The Wittenberg Kunstverein annually organizes an entertaining concert program with various artists and performers from different genres, so that all those interested in culture get their money's worth. On the historic and charming courtyards of the town of Wittenberg (for example, Cranach Courtyards) there is always a special atmosphere during the concerts, which is perceived as unique by visitors as well as by the artists themselves.

On warm summer evenings, music, art and drama combine to create a special program that also offers culinary delicacies. Renowned artists such as Westernhagen, Nils Heinrich, Silly, Salut Salon u.v.m. already gave the Wittenberg audience entertaining shows in front of the picturesque scenery of the city.


The Tourist-Information has tickets for all events of the concert series. Prices vary by event and artist.