Middle Elbe Biosphere

Flussufer der Elbe
Foto: Mirko Pannach

Discover the natural heritage of ‘river landscape Elbe‘, recognized by UNESCO in 1997.

The Middle Elbe biosphere reserves with its unique flora and fauna lies in Saxony-Anhalt and extends among other places along Lutherstadt Wittenberg, via Dessau-Rosslau to Magdeburg. The natural floodplain landscape on the Elbe is home to many endangered animals and plants, such as the kingfisher, the sea eagle, or the rare Siberian sword lily. The symbolic animal and most famous representative of this landscape is the Elbebeiber, which can grow undisturbed in the protected and natural meadowlands of the Elbe. 

In the information center Auenhaus interesting events and excursions take place, where one learns about the reserve, its peculiarities, ways, stimuli, tasks and goals. Of course, the biosphere reserve can also be explored on its own and researched using informative signs. In the Middle Elbe biosphere reserve, there are also several bird watching points, which provide a wonderful view of resting and breading grounds of the birds there.&nbsp

Information Centres Middle Elbe Biosphere

Informationszentrum Auenhaus
Foto: Mirko Pannach

Information Pavilion Auenhaus

On the road between Dessau and Oranienbaum lies the information center for nature friends built within the framework of the Expo 2000. Here, visitors will receive leaflets, brochures, and hiking maps as well as being able to learn about the special features of the protected area in an exhibition. In the open air is a herb and vegetable garden with seating and a small pond. An educational and adventure trail leads along a pond, a trail and a labyrinth to a beaver recreation area.

Beguinen House

The Beguinen House is located in the northern part of the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve. The staff at the Beguinen house hold a lot of knowledge and information on the reserve as well as special tourist and reginal offers. In particular, students will learn more about their region and the biosphere reserve as well as the animal and plant would at the Elbe and Havel.

Elbebiber im Biosphärenreservat Mittelelbe
Foto: Mirko Pannach

The Biberfreianlage will remain closed. Thank you for your understanding.


Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung Mittelelbe
Am Kapenschlösschen 1-2
06785 Oranienbaum-Wörlitz


The biosphere reserve administration is the regional reference point for the beaver protection and thus a competent contact for all topics concerning the rare rodent. A visit to the beaver recreation area is a must for all animal lovers who are particularly interested in the local animal and plant world.

Here, the shy and nocturnal animals can be observed on a large, naturally designed plant. From the observation hut you can get an insight into the beaver house and the family life of the beavers through a built-in viewing window. In the evening hours, when the rodents leave their castle, the hustle and bustle of the observation tower can be seen.

For a visit to the Biberfreianlage, please call the following number: Tel. 034904-40 6 14 or 034904-40 6 15.

Nature trails

A lot of interesting facts can be found on the 13 waterways in the south of the Middle Elbe biosphere reserve. Here you can get information about specific species and habitats typical for the natural environment as well as about the special characteristics of the respective landscape. The floodplains are between 1 and 25 kilometers long.