Gastronomy in Wittenberg

Restaurants in der Lutherstadt Wittenberg

In Wittenberg enjoy regional culinary specialties and international cuisine at the highest level.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg offers a wide range of food and drinks for every taste. Drinking a cozy cup of coffee in the afternoon, enjoy a delicious meal in the evening and finish off your day at a pub or bar. Whether you like it rather light or hearty, if you like pizza or fish, the numerous restaurants in town fulfill any kind of hunger. Many restaurants take special care that only organically grown ingredients as much as locally sourced, are used for food. Only then they can guarantee the best quality. For this reason there are, in addition to the regular menues, seasonal dishes available. In Lutherstadt Wittenberg you not only have delicious restaurants, but you do so in a unique atmosphere. Many restaurants are located directly within or in close proximity to the historic buildings of the city. Thus, you can even immerse in the city's history while getting a great meal.

Restaurant Brauhaus Wittenberg
Wittenberger Restaurant
Restaurant Best Western in Wittenberg
Alte Canzley in Wittenberg

The cozy cafes in the city offer many opportunities for a short stop in the afternoon. If you need a little refreshment for, between, or strengthening yourself between visits to museums, exhibitions, and historical places, you can regain your strength in one of the cafes. The nice service staff will be happy to provide you with coffee and homemade cakes or pies.  You can also order a cup of tea or soft drinks. The pub and bar scene is worth a visit in Wittenberg. In the evening in a relaxed atmosphere after a busy day, enjoy a final drink in good company or sip the occasional cocktail.