Torgau – City of the Renaissance and the Reformation

Blick über Torgaus Altstadt

Discover countless monuments, impressive Renaissance buildings and important Reformation history in the Saxon town of Elbstadt.

For a long time, Wittenberg was the mother and Torgau the nurse of the Reformation because without the protection and support of the Saxon Electors, who had been reigning from Torgau, Luther's ideas could not have been implemented.

Residence and renaissance city

Schloss Hartenfels in Torgau

The Saxon city on the Elbe, only a short one hour drive away, has preserved many splendid buildings of this period as a former Saxon town center of the 16th century. Today it is one of the most beautiful renaissance cities in Germany, with more than 600 individual monuments. Already Martin Luther stated in his speeches: "Torgau's buildings surpass all beauty from ancient times, even the temple of King Solomon was made of wood."

Katharina von Bora and Torgau

Lutherin in Torgau

It can be proved that he stayed about 60 times in the city, which became the first stop for his wife Katharina von Bora on her way to a bourgeois life. A Torgau landlord helped her and other nuns escape from the monastery of Nimbschen near Grimma and took her to Wittenberg after an intermediate stop in Torgau. Torgau also became Katharina's last stop. She died here after a road accident and was buried in the town church of St. Mary’s, where her grave is still visible today. Her death house now houses an exhibition that deals with the biography of this extraordinary woman.
Further authentication places, the first Protestant church building, personally consecrated by Martin Luther on October 5, 1544, or the former superintendent, in which the Torgauer article - the basis of the Augsburg Confession of Faith - were created, can still be visited today.

Castle Hartenfels

Schlosskapelle in Torgau

Situated on the outskirts of the historical old town, the Hartenfels Castle is the most important castle of the German Frührenaissance and was long regarded as one of the most modern residential buildings in Saxony, even when the court already resided in Dresden.

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