The Dessau Master’s Houses

Meisterhaus in Dessau
Foto: IMG (Bader, Michael)

In a few minutes you reach the Masters' Houses, a prime example of the white modernity of the Bauhaus Dessau.

Simultaneously with the Bauhaus director, Walter Gropius built the Masters' Houses Estate nearby the Bauhaus, which consisted of a director's house and three twin-houses. In the houses of this settlement lived and worked the teachers of the Bauhaus, called by the hardware stores since Weimar times only "master". The buildings were designed in the spirit of the Bauhaus and demonstrated a new way of living. As in the Bauhaus building designed by the individual parts of the master houses were functionally designed. So Gropius equipped the studios with large, floor length windows to let the inspiration flow and create a sense of freedom. At the beginning of the 1920s set the cubic houses the epitome of an artist colony represents.

After the Bauhaus moved away in 1932 by political pressure from the Nazis in Dessau, the Master’s Houses were sold to Junkers, who received the support, the "essentially alien building" rebuild. The appearance of the Masters' Houses Estate was characterized significantly altered. Towards the end of World War II bombs destroyed then the director's house and the house Moholy-Nagy completely.

The master houses today

Meisterhaus Dessau
Foto: IMG (Bader, Michael)

Since 1996, the Masters' Houses as well as the other Bauhaus buildings in Dessau and Weimar are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The rehabilitation of the remaining houses began in the 1990s. The Masters' Houses were returned to an original state as at the time of inhabitation by the Bauhaus masters. The exterior facades are again marked by the distinctive large windows, while the color of the respective inhabitants was restored inside. Since the interior colors have been adapted to the residents of the house, it make the rooms today only the condition at a certain time. At the same they express the different personalities of the artists.



Opening times

  • Until 30 November 2020: daily 10 - 17 h

Entrance fee

  • Master's House Ticket: 8.50 € / 5.50 € reduced
  • Combined Ticket Bauhaus and Master's Houses: 15.50 € / 11.00 € reduced

Guided tour in English

  • Fridays at 13.30 h

Interesting Topics

The new master houses

After much discussion of the planning phase, the new Masters' Houses were opened in the year 2014. At the places where in the 1920s and 30s the houses Gropius and Moholy-Nagy were, new buildings were constructed, which recall the architecture of Walter Gropius. The new buildings are not simply replicas of that building, but were built with funds of contemporary architecture. In the cubic design, the style of the old masters' houses are found again, but the bare walls and partly barely translucent window testify to the destruction and the void left by the real houses. Many guests favor the blend of new architecture and the architecture of the Bauhaus, but some visitors are disturbed by the sparseness of structures that do not correspond to the Bauhaus. Nevertheless, the old masters' houses with their colorful inner life as well as the new master houses that do not gloss over the destruction of traces, they populate contemporary, they are well worth a visit. In Gropius House also today, you can receive the first information on the Masters' Houses Estate.