Hugo Junkers in Dessau

Technik Museum Hugo Junkers in Dessau
Foto: Stadt Dessau-Roßlau (Helbig)

The inventions of Hugo Junkers set new standards in thermal engineering and aircraft and can be seen in the Museum of Technology Dessau today.

Born in 1859 engineer and entrepreneur Hugo Junkers is closely associated with the city of Dessau, because here he founded his company, conceived, and produced his greatest inventions that have a major impact on the technology until today. For this reason, a sponsoring has come together and opended the Museum of Technology "Hugo Junkers" Dessau. The members take care of the maintenance, presentation, and often even to the construction of the exhibits that introduce visitors the forward-creations of the pioneer.

Pioneering inventions

Ju-52 von Hugo Junkers
Foto: Stadt Dessau-Roßlau (Kaps, Sebastian)

Among the innovative products of Hugo Junkers include, inter alia the calorimeter, a device for determining the quantity of heat. From this invention led to the idea for the water heater, which was also developed by Junkers. The hot-water appliance factory Junkers & Co. allowed on this unit for the first time running hot water for the majority of people. The principle developed by Junkers flow heater is used today. Likewise, forward-looking and future-influential were his innovations in aeronautical engineering. From the works of the Junkers aircraft factory AG came in 1915, the first all-metal aircraft, which led to the creation of the "Research Centre Prof. Junkers".

True to Junkers conviction to use air transport to connect people and nations, he concentrated after the First World War in the aircraft structure on the civilian needs of aviation. He made Dessau the market leader in the field of modern transport aircraft. The most famous plane of the Junkers works is probably the Junkers Ju 52, also affectionately called "Auntie Ju". Even today constitutes German Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung an airworthy Ju 52 for sightseeing flights and in rare cases even for short-haul flights. The design features Junkers' aircraft found incidentally is still in commercial aircraft.

Museum of Technology Dessau "Hugo Junkers"

Experience some original inventions of Hugo Junkers, in the Museum of Technology Dessau "Hugo Junkers". The affectionate association that runs the museum lets adults and children marvel. The exhibition area of 4,200 m² on the historic Junkers airfield offers exhibits, models, documents, and photographs presenting the aviation industry, and gives information about the life and work of Hugo Junkers along the way. In the factory building from the 1950s, see gas engines, a calorimeter, the replica of the cargo, and passenger aircraft Junkers F13 and more. However, the attraction of the exhibition is a restored Junkers Ju 52, the model that the German Lufthansa in 1932 made it the standard type of aircraft. The machine in the art museum was lifted in 1986 after it sank during World War II in Norway. Outside the hall there is a lot to discover. There are, among other things, the remains of a wind tunnel, civil and military aircraft, as well as a police helicopter from the GDR. In various workshops Junker aircraft were faithfully reconstructed. With a little luck you can even watch directly how the members of the workshop put together a machine.


Technikmuseum "Hugo Junkers" Dessau
Kühnauer Straße 161 a
06846 Dessau-Roßlau

Opening times

  • Monday til Sunday 10.00 - 17.00 h (Entry until 16.00 h)

Entrance fee

  • Adults 7,00 €
  • Children 3,00 €
  • Families 17,00 €

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