Ferropolis - City of iron

Bagger in Ferropolis
Foto: Pyrogames

A disused opencast Golpa-Nord brings you closer to impressive time of brown coal mining.

On the former brown coal mining area Golpa-Nord in Gräfenhainichen, you can visit abandoned mining equipment in spectacular surroundings and climb some of the bucket wheel excavators. Based on an idea from the Bauhaus Dessau, the area was transformed during the Expo 2000 to an anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The huge equipment gives you a unique impression on how the brown coal was mined in Central Germany until the 1990s. In Ferropolis visit simultaneously a museum, an industrial monument, a meeting area, and a theme park. Surrounded by the newly created Gremminer lake also is Ferropolis surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Impressive evidence of the open pit

Of course the focus of interest of Ferropolis is the former mining equipment that will give you an extraordinary impression of the actual proportions of brown coal mining. The equipment is a truly impressive witness of lignite mining in central Germany. Five disused bucket wheel excavators and continuous bucket dredgers as well as stackers can be visit on the peninsula.

Especially the contrast with the surrounding nature makes the sight of the large equipment so fascinating. The mining area has been flooded so Ferropolis is now located on an island in this newly created Gremminer lake. The previously desolate landscape has become a garden realm of industry.

A very special experience is Ferropolis in the evening, because when it gets dark, bright colored spotlights on the impressive mining equipment are colorful sea of lights. Also the possibility of sporting is offered in Ferropolis. The latest sport you can practice in the city of steel is cross skating also called “Skiken”. Besides that there are also cross golfing, geocaching and climbing possible on the premises. All alone, you can climb the settler Gemini - assuming you're well on foot and vertigo.

Events in Ferropolis

The Ferropolis terrain is always used as background for various events. Especially musicians take the huge excavators like Mad Max as background for their concerts. The music festivals splash! And Melt! And have Ferropolis chosen for their festival. The Arena, encircled by the five major equipment, can accommodate 25,000 visitors. Other operators have already recognized the charm of the city of steel, turning their Events anew each year on the grounds of Ferropolis. In 2016 the city of steel will be again a visitor’s magnet for guests from around the globe.



Beleuchtete Bagger in Ferropolis
Foto: MELT Festival
Pyrogames in Ferropolis
Foto: Pyrogames
Pyrogames in Ferropolis
Foto: Pyrogames
Opening times

April til October
Mon-Sun, holidays: 09.00 am - 07.00 pm

November til March
Mon-Sun: 10.00 am - 05.00 pm (respectively til night is falling)

During days with big events you can't visit Ferropolis.

Entrance fee

Adults 6,00 €
reduced 3,00 €
Family (2 adults and max. 4 children) 14,00 €
Children under 6 years have free admission