The anniversary of Bauhaus

Innenansicht Bauhaus Dessau
Foto: IMG (Bader, Michael)

The Triennial of Contemporary Bauhaus celebrated three milestones of its troubled history.

Bauhaus Dessau
Foto: IMG (Bader, Michael)

In the hometowns of the Bauhaus, the College of Design, three anniversaries in the years 2013, 2016, and 2019 with a variety of events have been held. During 2013, the city of Berlin was the center, Dessau was the center of events in the year 2016. The year 2019 particularly welcomed the Weimar Bauhaus guests at special events. Each three weeks the towns offered especially on weekends numerous workshops, lectures and discussions, and joined together to form a network of modernity.

Events for the Triennial of Contemporary

80 years closure Bauhaus in Berlin

The first anniversary was celebrated in 2013, the focus of the celebrations was to the city of Berlin. 80 years after the closure of the Bauhaus, there was plenty to do under the slogan "Destroyed Diversity". Although the Bauhaus was moved to Berlin and permanently closed only for one year, the city is still one of the cities of modernity. Coinciding with the anniversary of the seizure of power by the National Socialists thought it positive, liberating aspects, but also the depths of modernity.

90 years Bauhaus buildings in Dessau

In 2016, Dessau is the focus of the anniversary spectacle. The festivities on "You must go there ... -90 years Bauhaus buildings in Dessau" to be opened on September 23rd 2016 in Dessau Bauhaus building. In the Bauhaus sites you can find this place with numerous meetings, workshops, special guided tours and more. The focus will go to the events to free-spaces and buildings of Walter Gropius, who created the Dessau Bauhaus exactly 90 years ago.

100 years Bauhaus in Weimar

The conclusion of the Triennial, the thematic 2019, are in the process, especially in the city of Weimar, the birthplace of modernity, numerous events planned. Here the new director Walter Gropius united in 1919 the School of Art and the School of Applied Arts for the Weimar Bauhaus, the later School of Design. The anniversary "100 Years of Bauhaus" under the motto "Celebrating the Bauhaus- the world rethinking" put and committed with partners from around the world. The events concerned with the various aspects of the history of the School of Design and the influence of the Bauhaus principles to the world, the architecture, and the art.